Tips for Starting a Commercial Remodeling Project

Remodeling your commercial area, whether it’s retail, a business, a school, or anything that gets a great deal of traffic from business people or the public, is an enormous job. Unlike remodeling a house, a commercial remodel will impact many people from customers to employees alike. That is the reason it is important that commercial renovation projects are completed swiftly and accurately the first-time around.

Unlike one-time updates to a home, commercial areas need to be updated quite regularly due to the high volume of use. At a home, aesthetics are important in regards to keeping the homeowners happy with how their residence appears. However, with commercial spaces, design and aesthetics can have an effect on employee job satisfaction, client satisfaction, and client retention. Let’s face it – in many industries, particularly restaurants and retail, customers will judge you by how your space appears. Clean and updated vs. worn and outdated layouts will make lasting impressions of a highly varying degree.

Exterior of Claiborne Pell Elementary School in Newport, RI – The remodel in 2013 was assisted by NBSI

When you are ready to begin remodeling and updating your commercial area, it is time to plan, plan, and plan some more. Here are some tips for how to create the best possible experience for you, your company, and your contractor.

  1. Make a comprehensive budget so you know exactly how much you can spend on each part of the project. Without a budget, contractors will not be able to help you create your desired space because they will not know where to begin
  2. Have a concept of when you would like to begin your project and when you would like to see it finished. Remember to take into account that some projects will need to happen at specific times of the year. Always present your desired time table to your contractor so you can work together and decide what plan works best.
  3. Think about how these alterations will impact people working and/or living in the project zone. It will be your duty, as a project planner, to handle the logistics. Should you need to move people about, you will need to construct a plan and inform those involved in a timely manner. If this step is not planned well, things might get messy and the project schedule may be interrupted. Interruptions can lead to unwanted costs and time table expansions.
  4. Solidify your plan before talking to a contractor. It is essential that you can communicate the modifications and renovations you would like to happen. The more in depth your plan is, the better a contractor can help you achieve your vision.
  5. Choosing a contractor can be critical to your success. Their job is to embrace your ideas and help you bring them to life in the most time efficient, money efficient, and stress-free way. You will know when you have found the right contractor because they will listen to your needs, find what you are looking for, and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.
Inside Pell Elementary, NewtonBSI provided lockers, projection screens, marker and tack boards, wall guards, entrance mats, bathroom partitions and accessories, and more.

Think about how the newly remodeled area will display your business’ image. This is all too essential in the present world. Employees and client appreciate a space that truly embraces what a company stands for. When a customer walks in, they should be able get a feel of what your company is all about just by looking around. This can be conveyed through design attributes (i.e. large areas or narrow hallways, hardwood floors or carpets), color schemes (i.e. bright and bold or warm and cozy), and interior decorating (i.e. modern furniture and empty spaces or comfy lounges and lots of wall art). The right design in a business can improve the mindsets of clients, employees, and owners and outshine competition. If you think your in need of a remodel do not hesitate; follow our steps and, when you are ready, give us a call here at Newton Building Specialties & Installation and we will help make your dream a reality.

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