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Corner Guard Wall Protection

There are many different kinds of corner guards available to meet your building’s specific needs. Whether your main focus is a seamless design, or you are simply looking for impact protection, there are many materials, finishes, and types of corner guards available today. Some our our corner guards offered includes :

Clear corner guards are made from transparent plastic and offer an economical option for corner protection.

Colored corner guards are made from a variety of different kinds of plastics.

Two-piece corner guards, commonly referred to as retainer corner guards, are typically comprised of a retainer that fastens to the wall and a plastic cover that snaps on to the retainer.

For building areas with high impact risks, steel or aluminum corner guards can help protect the corners while still keeping your building looking professional.

Rubber corner guards are commonly found in the back of house and warehouse areas like loading docks or storage areas where constant impact from boxes, skids, and forklifts occur.

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